Fota Island Golf Club 


Bandon Golf Club


Address Castlebernard
Co. Cork
Telephone: 023-41111
Public No: 023-44544
Fax: 023-44690
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founded: 1909
Membership: 905
Green Fees Midweek: €45
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €55
Green Fees With a Member: €20
Green Fees For Opens: €20
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: Yes
Buggy Hire: Yes
Soft spikes: Yes
Secretary/Manager: Kay Walsh
Captain: Michael O'Mahony
Lady Captain: Rose Lynch
President: Gerry Fitzgerald
Vice-Captain: Carl O'Mahony & Clare McGinley
Hon. Secretary: Ber Canniffe & Stephanie Murray
Club Pro: Paddy O'Boyle
Hon. Treasurer: Tomas Bambury
Designed by:  
Course opening hours: Daylight hours
Clubhouse opening hours: 8.00am to 11.00pm
Mobile phones: Not on course or in clubhouse
Dress Code: Neat casual, no denim
Catering: Full catering facilities
Days to Avoid: Wednesdays & Sundays
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days
Pre-booking for open tournaments: 14 Days in advance

Course Description
Course Description:
Set on the undulating slopes of the beautiful Bandon Valley, this 18-hole layout enjoys a magnificent sylvan setting. Founded in 1909, Bandon was the first West Cork Club to extend to 18-holes. The clubhouse has recently been refurbished providing excellent new facilities for both members and visitors.

The course, which is located two miles west of Bandon boasts a wonderful variety of wild life and recently headed the Golf Ecology Unit as the course with greatest number of bird species in Ireland. No golfing holiday in West Cork would be complete without a visit to this haven of solitude.

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Club History
Club History
Club HistoryInstituted 1893 affiliated 1910.

There is some confusion as to the foundation date of Bandon Golf Club. Either way, it is no doubt that it is one of the oldest Clubs in Munster. The Golfing Annual, 1896-97, gives September 1893, as its foundation date. The same publication, 1909-10, gives 1st January 1910, as the foundation date with J. J. Calnan, as Captain. The Sportsman's Holiday Guide, 1897, gives the following description; "course within the demesne of Castle Bernard, Lord Bandon's beautiful place in Co. Cork. The green, which is a nine-hole one, is about one-and-a-half-miles round. The course where it is, is more or less a private one and supported locally. Secretary, L. Hewitt Esq., J. P. Clancole, Bandon."


Members Achievements

Bandon Golf Club won the All-Ireland Mixed Foursomes in 2002, when the team was John Carroll, Kieran Hurley, Donie O'Donovan, J. V. Murphy, M. B. Stafford, Brendan O'Driscoll, Jimmy O'Keeffe, Patrick McCarthy, Kate Davis, Helen Hegarty, Hilda Hegarty, Lia Walsh, Noelle Twomey, Rose Lynch, Carol Minihane, Margaret O'Flynn, Aileen O'Keeffe and Eileen O'Leary, they were managed by Jimmy O'Leary and Ann O'Regan.

Bandon Golf Club were Runners-Up to Killarney in the Munster Finals of the Irish Junior Cup in 2002. The team was Dave Long, Adrian O'Donovan, Mike Murphy, Patrick McCarthy, Denis O'Brien, Stuart Sherratt, Trevor O'Donoghue and Billy McGarry. They were, managed by Tony Healy.

The Girls' from Bandon Golf Club won the "Girls' Smurfit Inter-Club" National competition at Donaghadee Golf Club on the 20th August 2001. The team was Alison Kingston, Kate Davis and Liz Brennan and Susan O'Leary was the reserve. The team brought back the first green pendant in the history of Mallow Golf Club.

Alison Kingston was selected for the Munster Girls' team for the Smurfit Interprovincial Championship at Enniscrone Golf Club from the 18th to the 20th of April 2001.

M. Minihan was elected to the council of the Munster Branch of the GUI for 2001.

Bandon Golf Club won the Munster Final of the Barton Shield in 1978, when the team was Finbar Hayes, Donal O'Donovan, Jerry Mehigan and Michael Stafford.

They won the Munster Final of the Pierce Purcell Shield in 1988, when the team was Pat Bohane, Sean Caughlan, Joe Hudson, Mick O'Neill, Connie Waugh, Raymond Tobin, Norman Noonan, Tin Ellard, Barry O'Neill, Jim Brennan, Dave Mahon, Tim Noonan, Richard Pratt, Gene Hannagan, Brendan O'Neill and Louis O'Mahony.

They won the Munster Final of the Jimmy Bruen Shield in 1989, when the team was N. Noonan, N. Mills, P. J. Flynn, T. N. Coakley, J. Carroll Jnr., J. O'Riordan, O. Murphy, D. O'Brien, J. Minihane, C. Tobin, J. Byrns, J. O'Sullivan, M. Tobin and J. O'Leary.

They won the Munster Final of the Irish Mixed Foursomes in 1987, when the team was, Paul Sweeney, John Carroll, Jerry Mehigan, Finbarr Hayes, P. J. Flynn, Kevin Brophy, Mark Kehoe, Michael Tobin, Jim Slattery, Ann Brophy, Noelle Twomey, Elma O'Brien, Eileen McSweeney, Mary O'Mahoney, Kay Papazian, Margaret Carroll, Maureen Nott.

They won it again in 1988, when the team was John Carroll, P. J. Flynn, Mark Kooge, Jerry Mehigan, Denis O'Brien, Michael Stafford, Elma O'Brien, Noelle Twomey, Eileen McSweeney, Margaret O'Sullivan, Mary O'Mahony, Carmol O'Driscoll, Ann Leonard, Margaret Carroll and Ann Brophy, they were captained by C. K. Hall.

The ladies of Bandon Golf Club won the ILGU Junior Cup1994, when the team was Lucy O'Mahony, Helen O'Brien and Ellen Tobin.

They won it again in 2000, when the team was, Helen O'Leary, Margaret Sheehan and June Murphy.

They won the ILGU Munster Intermediate League in 1980, when the team was Margo Murphy, Bunny Glancy, Margaret Carroll, Eileen McSweeney, Carmel O'Driscoll and Mary O'Mahony.

They won it again in 1987, when the team was C. O'Driscoll, M. O'Mahony, A. Brophy, N. Twomey, S. McGrath, K. Papazian, M. Walsh, M. Carroll and E. McSweeney.

They won the ILGU Munster Minor League in 1986, when the team was Martha Hall, Vera Philpott, Margaret O'Sullivan, Mary Cagney, Irene Noonan, Nuala O'Donoghue and Sheila O'Dea.

They won it again in 1994, when the team was Lucy O'Mahony, Rose Lynch, Eileen Coleman, Angela Barrett, Teresa Walsh, Teresa O'Halloran and Freda McClement.

K. Davis and A. Kingston were selected on the ILGU Junior squad in November 2000.

Ian Stafford represented Ireland in the Boys' Home Internationals at Conwy G. C., Wales, in August, 1999, and played Munster Boys' in 1999 and 1998.

Sean Conroy will remember his 17th birthday when he beat Terry McMahon of Muskerry on the 17th in the final of the Cork Inter. Scratch Cup Matchplay, on his home course.

Kieran Hurley played Munster Boys' in 1993.

Rhona Hegarty, now an Irish Selector, played for the Irish Girls' in 1973, 1974, 1975, and 1976, and she won the Irish Girls' Close Championship in 1974.

Person Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
Donie Whelton   6th   105 m
Ann Buckley   6th   100 m
J. V. Murphy   5th   155 m
Raymond O'Neill   6th   105 m
Jack O'Sullivan 23 June 1995 18th   166 m
Tony Egan 10 July 1995 18th   166 m
Tadg Murphy 20 April 1996 6th   105 m
Noel Coghlan 30 May 1996 6th   105 m
Tom D'Arcy 28 March 1997 5th   155 m
Kevin O'Leary 30 March 1997 12th   169 m
Donal Cronin 18 April 1997 12th   169 m
James McKeon 24 June 1997 6th   105 m
Kitty Cotter 23 July 1997 6th   100 m
Paul O'Sullivan 4 August 1997 5th   155 m
Alan Goggin 26 August 1997 5th   155 m
John Minihane 22 March 1998 12th   169 m
Dave Barry 26 April 1998 18th   166 m
Jonathan Davis Jnr. 9 May 1998 18th   166 m
John White 9 May 1998 18th   166 m
Sibhan Keogh 27 May 1998 5th   155 m
Jimmy O'Leary 30 July 1998 6th   105 m
Jim Slattery 7 August 1998 6th   105 m
Paddy Kehoe 13 October 1998 12th   179 m
Finbarr Cadogan 4 December 1998 6th   105 m
Ms. Helen Hegarty 27 March 1999 6th   100 m
Kevin Callanan 10 May 1999 6th   105 m
Mrs. Anne Leonard 16 May 1999 2nd   107 m
Billy Houlihan 18 June 1999 6th   105 m
Michael O'Riordan 18 June 1999 12th   169 m
Breda O'Sullivan 20 June 1999 6th   100 m
Ger O'Sullivan 26 June 1999 6th   105 m
Michael O'Connell 22 August 1999 6th   105 m
Frank O'Leary 16 September 1999 6th   105 m
John Power 6 November 1999 6th   105 m
Michael O'Connor 12 March 2000 12th   169 m
Donal Cronin 3 April 2000 5th   155 m
Phil Healy 10 May 2000 18th   166 m
June Murphy 12 July 2000 18th   132 m
John Minihane 26 August 2000 12th   169 m
Andy Nolan 26 August 2000 6th   105 m
Mary Shanahan 13 September 2000 18th   132 m
Billy Houlihan 9 August 2004 11th   115 m
M. Donegan 20 July 2005 11th   109 m
Connor Riordan 1 July 2005 11th Lob Wedge 109 m

Card of the Course
Hole No Blue White Yellow Par Index Red Par Index
1 296 284 279 4 16 280 4 9
2 440 429 423 4 2 405 5 13
3 381 370 365 4 6 336 4 3
4 369 349 343 4 12 335 4 7
5 440 395 393 4 10 306 4 11
6 454 442 445 4 4 364 4 1
7 192 185 180 3 14 142 3 15
8 500 485 485 5 18 400 5 17
9 357 346 340 4 8 344 4 5
Out 3,429 3,273 3,253 36   2,912 37  
10 417 390 378 4 3 338 4 2
11 115 366 110 3 17 109 3 18
12 400 401 396 4 11 327 4 14
13 440 412 411 4 5 400 5 6
14 427 417 407 4 1 332 4 4
15 528 508 502 5 9 383 5 12
16 346 338 330 4 13 334 4 8
17 330 326 321 4 15 326 4 10
18 193 180 179 3 7 144 3 16
In 3,196 3,050 3,034 35   2,663 36  
Total 6,625 6,323 6,287 71   5,575 73  
SSS 72 71 70     73    

Roll of Honour
Norma Deasy 1990 Ladies Captain
Mary Taaffe 1991 Ladies Captain
Irene Noonan 1992 Ladies Captain
Freda McClement 1993 Ladies Captain
Rhona Brennan 1994 Ladies Captain
June Murphy 1995 Ladies Captain
Angela Barrett 1996 Ladies Captain
Ann O'Regan 1997 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Farrell 1998 Ladies Captain
Mrs. Lauren Goggin 1999 Ladies Captain
Mrs. Lucy O'Mahony 2000 Ladies Captain
Ber Canniffe 2001 Ladies Captain
Margaret O'Brien 2002 Ladies Captain
Miriam Murphy 2003 Ladies Captain
Margaret Sheehan 2004 Ladies Captain
Lia Walsh 2005 Ladies Captain
Paula Reardon 2006 Ladies Captain
Anne Leonard  2007 Ladies Captain
P. J. Flynn 1990 Men's Captain
John O'Donovan 1991 Men's Captain
Denis O'Brien 1992 Men's Captain
Mick Stafford 1993 Men's Captain
J. J. O'Riordan 1994 Men's Captain
Seamus O'Mahony 1995 Men's Captain
Jim O'Driscoll 1996 Men's Captain
Tony O'Leary 1997 Men's Captain
Frank O'Leary 1998 Men's Captain
John Donegan 1999 Men's Captain
Jim Hurley 2000 Men's Captain
Kevin O'Leary 2001 Men's Captain
Donie O'Donovan 2002 Men's Captain
Finbar McCarthy 2003 Men's Captain
Brendan O'Driscoll 2004 Men's Captain
Pat McCarthy 2005 Men's Captain
Gerard O'Mahony 2006 Men's Captain
Louis O'Mahony 2007 Men's Captain
Kevin Bowens 1990 President
W. D. Barry 1991 President
Niall Coakley 1992 President
Rodney Price 1993 President
Sean Collins 1994 President
Don Carey 1995 President
Jack O'Regan 1996 President
Norman Noonan 1997 President
Jim McKeon 1998 President
Donal Burke 1999 President
John Carroll 2000 President
M. P. Young 2001 President
Pat Keogh 2002 President
Michael Stafford 2003 President
Michael Halpin 2004 President
Paddy O'Flynn 2005 President
Jim Hurley 2006 President
John Donegan 2007 President
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