Spa Golf Club

Course Facts:
Address Grove Road Secretary/Manager: Terry G. Magee
Ballinahinch Captain: Jack Hood
Co. Down BT24 8PN Lady Captain: Sally Ann Douglas
Telephone: 028-97-562365 President: Lorna Stevenson & Alf Bailie
Public No: 028-97-562340    
Fax: 028-97-564158    
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Club Pro: Terry Magee
Founded: 1904 Designed by:  
Open for membership. Societies are welcome and group rates are available.
Membership: 676 Course opening hours: Daylight hours
Green Fees Midweek: £18 Clubhouse opening hours: 8.30am to 11.30pm
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: £23 Mobile phones: Not on course or in clubhouse
Green Fees With a Member: £12 Dress Code: Neat casual, no denim
Green Fees For Opens: £12 Catering: Full catering facilities
Practice Area: Yes Days to Avoid: None
Club Hire: No Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Midweek & Weekends
Buggy Hire: No Pre-booking for open tournaments: 14 Days in advance
Soft spikes: No    


Course Description
Course Description:

Spa Golf Club is in existence since 1907 and at its present location since 1967, this is a mature Parkland course with tree lined fairways and panoramic views of the Mountains of Mourne on the back nine. The course is famous for the abundance of wildlife that inhabits the course. The signature holes are the 5th and 11th where this course will test the best of golfers yet it is a fair test of golf and having played it you will want to return again and again. The visitor is always welcome at Spa Golf Club where full catering facilities are provided a warm Ulster hand of welcome is extended to one and all.

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Club History
Club History

Instituted 1907, affiliated 1907. The "Belfast Newsletter" on the 11th of May, 1907, records the opening of this course "The new course of nine-holes opened at Ballynahinch should prove an important attraction. It is on the short side, the longest being only 230 yards and the bogey as low as 35, but it is a very sporting links. The Ulster Spa should soon find the benefit of having the all-powerful attraction of golf as well as drinking-water.". Miss Moore, the local hotelier, was deeply involved in the formation of the original club. The first Captain was D. S. Kerr, and the Hon. Secretary was the Rev. D. S. Taylor.Between 1963 and 1967, the present Spa Golf Club moved nearer the town of Ballinahinch and was opened by the Earl of Clanwilliam on 30th September 1967.

Members Achievements

The Spa Golf Club won the Carlingford Cup in 2004, when the team was, J. Walker, L. Doherty, J. Mann, G. Wilson, D. Bittle, T. Wilson, K. \Murphy and B. Wilton, they were captained by T. CoburnThe Spa Golf Club won the Rossmore Cup in 2001, when the team was, K. Murray, J. Nugent, G. Stephens, M. Heathwood, D. Magill, R. Catherwood, R. Scott, J. Kelly, B. Murphy, C. Mountford and M. Pollock, they were captained by K. Walsh.

The Spa Golf Club won the County Championship of the J. B. Carr Diamond Trophy in 2000, when the team was, C. Dorman, J. Hamilton, D. Kane, H. Murray, M. Gallagher, K. Wallace, A. Baillie, P. B. Collins, G. Kirkpatrick, S. Poole and K. McCluskey, they were captained by D. Rutherford.

The Spa Golf Club won the Mid-Ulster Seniors Alliance Inter-Club Perpetual Trophy in 1999-2000, when the team was, D. Kane, H. Murray, M. Gallagher, R. Wallace, A. Baillie, P. B. Collins, G. Kirkpatrick, S. Poole and K. McCluskey, they were captained by D. Rutherford.    

The Spa Golf Club won the Senior Cowdy Cup in 1997, when the team was, N. McNellis, R. Wallace, B. Stokes, S. Proctor, K. Reid, G. Stevenson, C. McClenaghan, B. Dobbin, A. Cairns and K. Kidd, they were captained by K. Murray.

The Spa Golf Club won the Ulster Fourball in 1995, when the team was, E. Manderson, G. Higham, G. Martin, G. Simpson, J. Robinson, P. Stewart, R. Anderson, H. Bonner, C. Fowler, P. Rice, A. Johnston, A. Maguire and D. Kane, they were captained by G. Kilpatrick.

The Spa Golf Club won the Sam Rutherford Cup in 1995, when the team was, D. Toman, E. Mountford, T. Murray, A. Baillie, J. Somerville, R. Stevenson, N. Magill, B. Patterson, C. Harland, D. Heathwood, C. Cull and N. Parker, they were captained by P. Cowan. 

The Spa Golf Club won the Junior Cowdy Cup in 1985, when the team was, P. Cowan, D. Donny, E. Jrinne, P. Savage, R. Graham, M. Riddell, D. Rooney, S. Poole, R. Spence, G. Murnin, G. Corbett and P. Giff, they were captained by G. McRelvey.

J. Cleland and H. G. Hegan won the Belfast Telegraph Foursomes in 1972.

The Ladies of Spa Golf Club won the Peggy Nelson Trophy in 1980, when the team was, Phyllis Howitt, Sandra Stevenson and Phyllis Brown.

The Boys' of Spa Golf Club won the Ronan Rafferty Trophy in 1983, when the team was, B. Wilson, S. Procter, S. Brewster, K. Kidd and G. English.

Miss Anne Ferguson played for the Irish Girls' in 1975, 1976 and 1977 and she won the Stroke Play Foursomes together with Miss Dympna Keenan of Belvoir Park in 1989; she won the Irish Girls Close Championship in 1977.

Katherine Stevenson was a reserve for The Irish Girls International Team in 1996.

Card of the Course
Card of the Course (yards)
Name Hole No White Yellow Par Index Red Par Index
Grove Hill 1 486 467 5 13 420 5 9
McAdam's Wood 2 167 140 3 7 140 3 15
Millbrook 3 454 433 4 1 375 4 7
Clanwilliam 4 279 266 4 15 266 4 13
The Ridge 5 363 350 4 3 328 4 3
Mutton Hill 6 371 351 4 9 347 4 11
The Gap 7 485 465 5 11 406 5 5
Dogwood 8 140 126 3 17 126 3 17
Bobby's Bridge 9 392 372 4 5 353 4 1
  Out 3,137 2,970 36   2,761 36  
Stoke's 10 296 273 4 18 281 4 10
Edenavaddy 11 398 394 4 2 345 4 6
Pheasantry 12 172 160 3 14 136 3 14
Spa Wells 13 540 499 5 12 437 5 2
The Road 14 420 411 4 10 319 4 12
Montalto's Edge 15 527 506 5 16 413 5 16
The Battle 16 397 374 4 4 336 4 8
Slieve Croob 17 186 165 3 6 150 3 18
Bell's Chance 18 396 378 4 8 348 4 4
  In 3,332 3,160 36   2,765 36  
  Total 6,469 6,130 72   5,526 72  
  SSS 72 71     73    

Roll of Honour
Miss M. Finnegan 1989 Ladies Captain
Mrs. K. Bailie 1990 Ladies Captain
Mrs. E. J. Wilkin 1991 Ladies Captain
Mrs. E. C. Cunningham 1992 Ladies Captain
Miss C. A. McEvoy 1993 Ladies Captain
Mrs. A. L. Rooney 1994 Ladies Captain
Mrs. N. L. A. Hill 1995 Ladies Captain
Mrs. B. Savage 1996 Ladies Captain
Mrs. M. J. McKelvey 1997 Ladies Captain
Mrs. K. E. Russell 1998 Ladies Captain
J. Rutledge 1999 Ladies Captain
L. M. Stevenson 2000 Ladies Captain
E. Kirkpatrick 2001 Ladies Captain
H. Percival-Price 2002 Ladies Captain
D. Cunningham 2003 Ladies Captain
Beth Coburn 2004 Ladies Captain
Mandy Murphy 2005 Ladies Captain
Sharon Beattie 2007 Ladies Captain
S. B. Aiken 1989 Lady President
J. Ferguson 1990 Lady President
J. Ferguson 1991 Lady President
Mona Rice 1992 Lady President
Mona Rice 1993 Lady President
E. Glass 1994 Lady President
E. Glass 1995 Lady President
P. Howitt 1996 Lady President
P. Howitt 1997 Lady President
D. H. Pickering 1998 Lady President
D. H. Pickering 1999 Lady President
J. Hunter 2000 Lady President
J. Hunter 2001 Lady President
K. Bailie 2002 Lady President
J. Bailie 2003 Lady President
G. Cunningham 2004 Lady President
J. Cunningham 2005 Lady President
R. Patterson 1989 Men's Captain
P. W. Wilkin 1990 Men's Captain
R. Dickson 1991 Men's Captain
M. J. M. Kidd 1992 Men's Captain
P. Savage 1993 Men's Captain
N. Morrow B. A. 1994 Men's Captain
C. V. Corry 1995 Men's Captain
R. Wallace 1996 Men's Captain
P. B. Collins 1997 Men's Captain
A. A. Bailie 1998 Men's Captain
E. E. McCloy 1999 Men's Captain
S. J. Thompson 2000 Men's Captain
J. T. Graham 2001 Men's Captain
N. Patterson 2002 Men's Captain
G. M. Kirkpatrick 2003 Men's Captain
Wilmur Kirk 2004 Men's Captain
Hugh Hegan 2005 Men's Captain
John Munn 2006 Men's Captain
Tom Coburn 2007 Men's Captain
Dr. Stafford Dobbin 1989 President
Dr. Stafford Dobbin 1990 President
S. W. Ferguson 1991 President
S. W. Ferguson 1992 President
M. J. McKay 1993 President
M. J. McKay 1994 President
J. K. Carlisle 1995 President
J. K. Carlisle 1996 President
H. G. Murray 1997 President
H. G. Murray 1998 President
D. McNamara 1999 President
D. McNamara 2000 President
W. R. Henry 2001 President
W. R. Henry 2002 President
Jim Graham 2003 President
Jim Graham 2004 President
Brian Collins 2005 President
Brian Collins 2006 President
Bobby Wallace 2007 President
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