Rathfarnham Golf Club

Course Facts:
Address Newtown Secretary/Manager: John Lawlor
Rathfarnham Captain: Brian Holmes
Dublin 16 Lady Captain: Deirdre McDermott
Telephone: 01-4931201 President: Maura O'Carroll
Public No: 01-4939156    
Fax: 01-4931561    
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Club Pro:  
Website: www.rathfarnhamgolfclub.ie    
Founded: 1899 Designed by: John Jacob
Open for membership. Societies are welcome and group rates are available.
Membership: 517 Course opening hours: Daylight hours
Green Fees Midweek: €40 Clubhouse opening hours: 11.30am to 11.00pm
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €40 Mobile phones: Not on course or in clubhouse
Green Fees With a Member: €20 Dress Code: Neat casual, no denim
Green Fees For Opens: N/A Catering: Full catering facilities by arrangement
Practice Area: Yes Days to Avoid: Weekends & Tuesdays
Club Hire: Yes Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days
Buggy Hire: Yes Pre-booking for open tournaments: N/A
Soft spikes: Yes    


Course Description
Course Description:

Rathfarnham Golf Club moved to its present location in the late 1960's having been in Rathfarnham Village until then. Strange as it seems I used live in the house that was built site that the old timber clubhouse was on. The only thing that reminds one that this fine golf club ever existed here is that part of the development is called "The Fairways" Rathfarnham Golf Club started with 9-holes and has now developed an additional 5-holes in this most picturesque part of the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. The clubhouse provides the golfer with all the facilities he or she could require.

Open & Major Fixtures 2011
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Club History
Club History

Instituted 1899, affiliated 1900. The "Irish Times", on 5th April, 1899 records; "It has been decided to establish a golf links at Butterfield, Rathfarnham the land of which containing about 50 acres were duly surveyed by T. Hood, professional of Royal Dublin Golf Club, who indicated the best positions for the greens and tees and reported that a very pretty and sporting course with nine-holes, to start with, could be had.Mr John Lumsden and other competent authorities also inspected the grounds, the greens and tees have been made and the course is now ready for play. The club is a proprietary one, the liability of the members will be limited to their subscriptions, the present proprietor, Mr. P. V. Bogue, undertaking to keep the links in perfect order for a term of years. The following gentlemen consented to act as a committee for 1899: Sir F. Shaw, Bart., Messrs F. Franklin, F. P. Dixson, W, D. Murphy; Dr. Albert Croly, Dr. Robert Browne, and Mr. P. V. Bogue, Proprietor as Secretary.

The first club fell into difficulties, and in 1903, Dr. Robert Brown, Dr. L. G. Gunn, G. N. McMurdo and F. P. Dixon signed the lease on the lands. The club had 200 members of which 90 were ladies".

Rathfarnham moved to its present location at Stocking Lane in the late 1960s, when P. V. Doyle bought the lands for housing and a Shopping Centre. Indeed, when my late parents moved to Rathfarnham in the late 1960s, the house they bought on Butterfield Avenue was built on the site of the old clubhouse. The same summer, as an architectural student, the first project I ever worked on was that Shopping Centre, which seemed to change every Monday morning!

Members Achievements

2005 Lady Captain Maura McGrath and her Captain’s Prize winner Ann Reed qualified in the Volkswagen/Irish Independent Lady Captain’s Classic in this scotch foursomes format. It was off to the National Finals at The Heritage Golf Club on Monday 3rd October where they were paired with the Elm Park pair of Maura Mansfield and Lisa Murray.They won Old Conna Seniors Invitation Trophy in 2003.

Rathfarnham won the Winsor Cup at Elm Park in April 2001. The winning team was Gretta Bailey, Anne Dalton and Jill Cole.

Rathfarnham won the Leinster Junior Cup in 1954.

Rathfarnham won the Barton Cup in 1962, when the team was J. H. Brown, A. T. Begley, D. M. Beggs, P. Smith-Keary, R. Stevens, N. S. Montgomery, J. S. Miller, W. R. Tractor, W. I. Bailey, J. J. Fanagan, J. C. Malone, W. G. Smith, I. W. Taylor and R. G. Steele.

They won the Dublin Team Trophy in 1997, when the vteam was Joe Blain, Stanley Law, Ronan Kinahan (Team Captain) Joe Sheehan and Alan Hood, they were managed by Jack Gallagher.

They won the Metropolitan Dublin Captains Team Trophy in 1997, when the team was Billy Free, Joe Blain, Bobby Harris, Malcolm Taylor and Roger Ballagh, Roger was also the Individual winner.

They won the Irish Times Shield in 1962, when the team was D. M. Beggs, W. I.Bailey, I. W. Taylor, W. O'Sullivan J. J. Fanagan, J. C Malone, R. G. Steele and W. R. Tector.

They won it again in 1979, with J. Breslin, R. Ballagh, C. O'Carroll and C. Maltby.

They won the Jubilee Invitation Interclub Trophy in 1999, when the team was David Cinnamond, Gerard Ryan, Donal Murphy and Barry Feenan (Team Captain) they were managed by Des Cole.

They won the Mercedes Benz Team Matchplay at Hermitage in June 1993, when the team was A. Burns, R. Ballagh, K. Reid and C. Maltby.

They won the Irish Region of the British Airways Team Championship in 1983, when the team was S. S. Murphy, G. P. McGrath, P. F. McGrath, A. E. Doherty, J. G. Fitzgerald, J. D. Gallagher, J. J. Beirne and C. O'Carroll.

They won the Holmpatrick Cup in 1986, with Ronan Kinahan and Jack Gallagher.

They won the White Horse Captains' Mixed Foursomes in 1973, with J. J. Fanagan and Mrs. E. K. Carter.

The Juniors won Tile Styal Trophy at Stackstown in 2002, when the team was Trevor Swanton, Niall Merriman and Nigel Stevens, they were selected by Des Cole.

Rathfarnham were Leinster Finalists in the Carroll's Irish Mixed Foursomes in 1978, when the team was C. H. Maltby, J. S. Miller, T. O'Donnell, J. Breslin, N. Gibson, Mrs. M. Lett, Mrs. M. Dunne, Mrs. A. Shannon, Mrs. N. Ross, Mrs. S. Gibson and Mrs. B. Coyne they were captained by K. D. Reid.

Rathfarnham G. C. won the Junior Cup Team Trophy at Edmondstown G. C. in 1999.

Miss Ena Brooks played for the Irish International Team in 1953, 1954 and 1956, she won the Leinster Scratch Cup in 1954, 1959 and 1962, she was Lady Captain in 1950.

Card of the Course
Card of the Course (metres)
Hole No Blue White Green Par Index Red Par Index
1 307 301 292 4 10 288 4 7
2 227 221 216 4 18 216 4 13
3 410 410 410 4 2 388 5 3
4 125 125 125 3 16 100 3 17
5 317 310 300 4 8 295 4 9
6 336 328 315 4 4 292 4 5
7 154 152 150 3 12 128 3 15
8 464 460 456 5 14 384 5 11
9 343 339 337 4 6 330 4 1
Out 2,683 2,646 2,601 35   2,421 36  
10 307 301 292 4 5 288 4 10
11 227 221 216 4 17 216 4 14
12 410 410 410 4 1 388 5 4
13 125 125 125 3 15 100 3 16
14 317 310 300 4 9 295 4 8
15 336 328 315 4 3 292 4 2
16 137 135 133 3 13 92 3 18
17 457 449 440 5 11 384 5 12
18 343 339 337 4 7 332 4 6
In 2,659 2,618 2,568 35   2,387 36  
Total 5,342 5,264 5,169 70   4,808 72  
SSS 70 70 70     71    

Roll of Honour
A. McCraken 1989 Ladies Captain
J. M. Shiel 1990 Ladies Captain
L. O'Donnell 1991 Ladies Captain
A. Britton 1992 Ladies Captain
A. Dalton 1993 Ladies Captain
M. Lett 1994 Ladies Captain
M. Dunne 1995 Ladies Captain
E. McAree 1996 Ladies Captain
P. McDonough 1997 Ladies Captain
J. Cole 1998 Ladies Captain
Diane Carswell 1999 Ladies Captain
Audrey Ardill 2000 Ladies Captain
Ann Burnett 2001 Ladies Captain
Grace Murray 2002 Ladies Captain
Maureen O'Halloran 2003 Ladies Captain
Dorothy Kilroy 2004 Ladies Captain
Ann Reed 2005 Ladies Captain
Kay Browne 2006 Ladies Captain
Breda Connolly 2007 Ladies Captain
Mrs. T. H. D. Crumplin 1989 Lady President
Mrs. W. A. Leary 1990 Lady President
Mrs. W. A. Leary 1991 Lady President
Mrs. M. Fanagan 1992 Lady President
Mrs. M. Fanagan 1993 Lady President
Mrs. S. O'Neill 1994 Lady President
Mrs. S. O'Neill 1995 Lady President
Mrs. H. Heather 1996 Lady President
Mrs. H. Heather 1997 Lady President
Mrs. N. O'Hanrahan 1998 Lady President
Mrs. N. O'Hanrahan 1999 Lady President
Mrs. R. Ffrench-O'Carroll 2000 Lady President
Mrs. R. Ffrench-O'Carroll 2001 Lady President
Mrs. S. Gibson 2002 Lady President
Mrs. S. Gibson 2003 Lady President
Greta Bailey 2005 Lady President
Pat Frith 2006 Lady President
Pat Frith 2007 Lady President
N. H. Kerrison 1989 Men's Captain
W. J. D. Free 1990 Men's Captain
I  T. Greene 1991 Men's Captain
K. D. Reid 1992 Men's Captain
R. A. Harris 1993 Men's Captain
R. P. Ballagh 1994 Men's Captain
S. R. Rowe 1995 Men's Captain
E. H. Ormiston 1996 Men's Captain
M. W. Taylor 1997 Men's Captain
C. T. Forsyth 1998 Men's Captain
Alex Burns 1999 Men's Captain
Ossie Baily 2000 Men's Captain
Jack Gallagher 2001 Men's Captain
Ian Heather 2002 Men's Captain
Alan Cole 2003 Men's Captain
Malcolm Connolly 2004 Men's Captain
David Burnett 2005 Men's Captain
Alan Campbell 2006 Men's Captain
Des Cole 2007 Men's Captain
E. W. Frith 1989 President
E. M. Kelly 1990 President
E. M. Kelly 1991 President
V. Dudgeon 1992 President
V. Dudgeon 1993 President
J. S. Miller 1994 President
J. S. Miller 1995 President
J. Blain 1996 President
J. Blain 1997 President
N. Montgomery 1998 President
N. Montgomery 1999 President
Roger Ballagh 2000 President
Roger Ballagh 2001 President
Brian Walsh 2002 President
B. Walsh 2003 President
Maurice McDonough 2004 President
Maurice McDonough 2005 President
Malcolm Taylor 2006 President
Malcolm Taylor 2007 President
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