Sutton Golf Club

Course Facts:
Address Sutton Secretary/Manager: Michael Healy
Dublin 13 Captain: Tim Beggs
  Lady Captain: Mary Lennon
Telephone: 01-8323013 President: Victor Gibbons
Public No: 01-8324875    
Fax: 01-8321603    
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Club Pro: Conor Russell 01-8321703
Founded: 1890 Designed by: Paddy Merrigan
Not open for membership. Societies are welcome and group rates are available.
Membership: 564 Course opening hours: Daylight hours
Green Fees Midweek: €50 Clubhouse opening hours: 9.00am to 11.30pm
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €50 Mobile phones: Not on course or in clubhouse
Green Fees With a Member: €25 Dress Code: Neat casual, no denim
Green Fees For Opens: N/A Catering: Full catering facilities
Practice Area: Yes Days to Avoid: Sundays & Tuesdays
Club Hire: No Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days
Buggy Hire: No Pre-booking for open tournaments: N/A
Soft spikes: Yes    


Course Description
Course Description:

Sutton Golf Club will forever be associated with the Late legendary J. B. Carr, he who had won 40 Championships, 16 holes-in-one and past Captain of the R & A. Sutton has recently completed their state-of-the-art clubhouse and needless to say there is a room dedicated to J. B. incorporated into the building. Although the clubhouse is of the most modern there is still a great scenes of history about the club as it was once a very serious contender in the blue ribbon events in Irish golf. The warmest of welcomes are extended to the visitors to this club in North Dublin, as a matter of interest Sutton was the original location of the Royal Dublin.

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Club History
Club History

Instituted 1886, affiliated 1903. There is some confusion as to when, where and who first played golf at Sutton. The best account is that written by J. P. Rooney in the "Irish Field" on the 13th of February 1926, which reads "The first meeting of the Sutton Club was called for the purpose of forming not a golf club but a yacht and boat club. It was held at Glenburn, Sutton on September 6th 1894, the presiding genius being Mr. J. H. Fleming. The club was inaugurated on a motion of Mr. R. P. Jacobs and it was Mr. E. S. Lauder who gave it its name. Mr. Lauder was appointed Commodore". "At the time, the Portmarnock club had been formed and figures prominently in the early minutes of the youth club, for we read that at a meeting of the committee of the latter which was held in 1894 a letter was read from Mr. Pickeman, secretary of Portmarnock, inquiring upon what terms the yacht club would permit their clubmen to ferry members of the golf club across the channel. In reply, the yacht club wrote that the committee were willing to allow use of their path, landing stage, man and boat at a charge of sixpence per head".

It is likely had the committee of Portmarnock agreed to these terms, golf would not have started at Sutton at the time as the members would have availed themselves of the privilege of going across the channel at a reduced entrance fee, and later events would not have happened. On January the 20th, 1896, a committee was elected to set up the golf club and the golfers began to oust the yachtsmen. The first committee was Rev. James Wilson, the rector of Sutton, E. Pentland, J. Holden, J. L. Jamison and J. H. Fleming. On the 2nd January 1897, the name of the club was changed from Sutton Boat and Golf Club to Sutton Golf Club. The first Captain was Mr. Dilworth who originally planned the course.

Members Achievements

Sutton Golf Club won the Leinster Final of the Barton Shield and went to Rosslare Golf Club as reigning All-Ireland Champions, they were drawn against a very strong Ulster Champions Warrenpoint on Wednesday 14th September 2005.Mark Collins & Seamus McMonagle were first out against Paul Reavey & Barrie Trainor and recorded a loss by 3-hole in their match. They were followed by Alan Darbey & Sean Doherty against Jim Carvill & Colm Campbell when they recorded a 1-hole win over the Ulster pair. Alas it was not enough, but it is great to see Sutton Golf Club back with such a strong team after so many years, when they used be strong contenders when the late J. B. Carr, Hugh O’Neill etc. were at their best.

Emotional scenes and tears of joy were to be seen at Shannon Golf Club on Thursday 16th September 2004, when Sutton Golf Club won the All-Ireland Barton Shield to bridge a 54 year gap with “This one is for J. B.”

They met Connacht Champions Athlone Golf Club in the All-Ireland Semi-Final, in the morning when Mark Collins & Seamus McMonagle beat Mark Roe & Marc Butler by 2-holes. They were followed by Derek Downie & Alan Darbey who beat Padraig O’Boyle & Ciaran O’Connor by a similar margin.

They met Ulster Champions Ballyclare in the afternoon to decide the destination of the green pennant. First up was Mark Collins & Seamus McMonagle against Johnny Foster & Simon McConnell who won their match by 2-holes. They were followed by Alan Darbey & Derek Downie who beat Robert Forsythe & Stephen Rea by 3-holes, to record a 5-hole victory and a memorable day for this famous club.

Sutton won the FBD Barton Cup in 2003 when the team was M. Clarke, A. Derby, J. B. Carr, B. Wallace, J. Taylor, S. McMonagle, P. Byrne, J. Cody, D. Downie, K. Martin, G. McInerney, K. O'Byrne, W. C. Thompson, S. Carroll, P. Lennon, J, O'Neill and J. Moran, they were managed by D. Furlong.

Sutton awarded renowned course architect Patrick Merrigan Honorary Membership in 2002.

Sutton won the FBD Barton Cup at their home course in spectacular fashion when they beat Baltinglass on the 5th play-tie hole on September 15th 2002. Alan Darbey rolled in a 15-Footer for a winning birdie. The team was Alan Darbey, Brian Wallace, Mark Collins, Paddy Fogarty, Kieran O'Byrne, Collin Level, Dougie Heather, James Moran (15-year old) Billy Thompson and John O'Neill.

Congratulations to Eugean O'Neill senior, who won the Druid's Glen-Irish Independent Golfer of the Month award for August 2001. Eugean started the month playing off a handicap of 19 and finished playing off 15. He lost his shots by winning his class in the Monthly Medal, with a net 62. Then he followed it by winning the President's Prize with a wonderful, 128 winning total. Eugean received a superb Robert Ballagh, limited edition of one of the holes at Druid's venue of the Seve Trophy in 2002.

Sutton has a long and proud history in the National Championships, they won the All-Ireland Irish Senior Cup at Co. Sligo G. C. IN 1963, when the team was M. D. Heather, P. J. Carroll, T. P. Fitzpatrick, M. P. Fitzpatrick, E. A. Firth and J. B. Carr, G. Russell was captain that year.

They won the All-Ireland Irish Senior Cup at Ballybunion G. C. in 1958, when the team was E. A. Firth, J. B. Carr, P. J. Carroll, M. P. Fitzpatrick, T. P. Fitzpatrick and G. Connor was the captain that year.

They won the All-Ireland Irish Senior Cup at Malone G. C. in 1956, when the team was J. Larkin, M. P. Fitzpatrick, T. P. Fitzpatrick, J. B. Carr and E. A. Firth, A. G. Bogan was captain that year.

They had three in a row in the All-Ireland Irish Senior Cup at Co. Louth G. C. in 1950, when the team was T. P. Fitzpatrick, R. H. McInnally, J. B. Carr, and M. P. Fitzpatrick, Dr. H. R. Rogers was then captain at Galway G. C. 1949, when the team was M. P. Fitzpatrick, T. P. Fitzpatrick, J. P. Carroll, J. B. Carr and R. H. McInally the same team won their first at Royal Portrush 1948.

Sutton Golf Club won the All-Ireland Barton Shield in 1950, at Co. Louth C. C. when the team was, T. P. Fitzpatrick, R. H. McInnally, J. B. Carr, and M. P. Fitzpatrick, Dr. H. R. Rogers was then captain.

They won their first All-Ireland Barton Shield at The Royal Dublin in 1946, when the team was M. P. Fitzpatrick, K. M. Hogan, J. B. Carr and R. H. McInnally.

They won the All-Ireland Irish Junior Cup at The Royal Dublin in 1974, when the team was J. Carr, M. Morrissey, A. Levey, D. Heather and D. Fitzpatrick.

They won the  All-Ireland Jimmy Bruen Shield at Tramore G. C. in 1984, when the team was S. Carroll, Hugh O'Neill, B. Wallace, D. Furlong, M. Clarke, S. Russell, A. McWilliams, J. Bowen, D. Heather, E. O'Rourke, J. Stafford, A. Williams, C. Smith, A. Higgins and M. Fitzpatrick, they were captained by R. Doherty.

They won the All- Ireland Irish Junior Foursomes in 1986, when the team was David Firth, John Cody, Mark Coates, Andrew Toomey, David Stenson and Andrew Sargent, they were captained by Douglas Heather.

Sutton Golf Club were European Champions in the Aer Lingus Youths International in 1974, when the team was J. Carr, D. Heather, D. Fitzpatrick and P. O'Boyle, they were captained by F. S. Williamson.

Sutton Golf Club won the All-Ireland Irish Mixed Foursomes at Bangor G. C. in 1982.

Sutton Golf Club first won the Barton Cup in 1928, when the team was T. P. Cuddy, T. G. Cobern, D. R. Sidford, P. W. Maguire, G. A. Stanley, A. C. Klinger, W. G. Gill, G. T. Fitzgerald, W. A. Manico, S. H. Wilson, J. P. Pentroy and T. J. Geary.

They next won it in 1972 when the team was R. J. Lyons, A. McDonnell, W. C. Thompson, R. Doherty, P. O'Boyle, M. Hanway, N. O'Brien, J. Stafford, F. Cassidy, C. P. Smith, P. O'Reilly, A. McWilliams, M. P. Fitzpatrick and P. Bowen.

They next won the Barton Cup in 1982, when the team was D. Boylan, G. Stafford, W. C. Thompson, R. Doherty, J. B. Carr, F. Cassidy, T. Bracken, K. O'Byrne, P. Bowen, Hugh O'Neill, D. Heather, A. McWilliams, M. Hanway, B. Wallace, Gerry Carr and A. Williams, they were captained by J. Stafford.

Sutton Golf Club first won the Metropolitan Cup in 1973 when the team was F. Thompson, Hugh O'Neill, S. O'Leary, S. O'Byrne, S. Carroll, P. Cowley, A. McDonnell, F. Burns, P. O'Reilly, C. Moriarty, T. Smith, F. Cassidy, T. Walsh and B. Scannel.

Sutton won the Metropolitan Cup in 1983, when the team was S. Carroll, D. Toomey, R. Doherty, E. O'Rourke, A. McDonnell, S. O'Leary, J. Cassidy, A. McWilliams, E. A. Firth, D. Furlong, B. Wallace, A. Higgins and C. Smith, they were captained by P. Bowen.

They last won the Metropolitan Trophy in 1991, when the team was J. Cassidy, D. Nagle, B. Wallace, C. Moriarty, S. Halpin, A. McWilliams, A. Toomey, J. Cody, K. O'Byrne, R. Hannon, S. Campbell, N. Cassidy, P. Bowen, J. Stafford, D. Furlong and D. Stafford, they were captained by Gerry Carr.

Sutton Golf Club first won the Uden Cup in 1970 when the team was, D. Toomey, P. Hughes, D. Quinn, S. O'Byrne, J. McDonnell, C. McMahon, J. Fitzsimmons, J. Meehan, J. Cassidy, D. Dixon, B. O'Reilly, J. Stafford, A. McDonnell, M. Morrissey, N. Tanham, J. Duffy, A. C. Sullivan, M. Daly and J. Geary, they were captained by H. Quirke.

They next won it in 1988 when the team was, J. Derby, F. Cassidy, G. Monaghan, O. Lennon, J. O'Connell, J. Cody, S. Campbell, K. Thompson, R. White, J. McNally, T. Shanahan, D. Fogarty, C. Fagan, O. Morton, N. Cassidy, B. Dixon, G. O'Driscoll and B. Rooney, they were captained by D. Menton.

They last won it in the Millennium when the team was D. Murphy, S. Moriarty, H. Martin, M. Griffin, D. Hunter Jnr., S. Campbell, P. Carroll, N. Hughes, D. Toomey, F. Kennedy, M. O'Neill, C. Saunders, B. Grimes, B. Fitzsimons, G. Stewart, D. Hunter Snr., D. Corrigan, D. Forgarty, J. Flanagan and C. McMullan, they were managed by T. Higgins.

The Ladies of Sutton Golf Club won the Boyne Trophy in 1998 when the team was A. Beggs, M. Harte, P. McGinn, A. Moriarty, P. McFeeley, B. Bennett, C. Dixon, M. Firth, M. McMahon, B. Hourihan, A. Hogan and H. Quinn, they were captained by M. Smyth.

They were 4th Team winners in 1996 when the team was F. Smith, N. Nolan, M. Harte, D. McDonnall, P. Flannigan and P. Patton, they were captained by H. Quinn.

They were 5th Team winners in 1994 when the team was M. Delaney, M. Harte, P. Kearney, P. Flanagan, A. Traynor, S. McWilliams and K. Berry, they were captained by A. White.

They won the Towensend Cup in 1992, when the team was A. White, P. McGinn, B. McAleese, A. Moriarty, D. Cuddy, E. Gunning, S. O'Neill and E. Mulvihill, they were captained by K. Doherty.

J. B. Carr played 20 Walker Cup matches from 1947 to 1967. J. B. is a legend in International and Irish Golf, having won three British Championships, just about everything in Ireland over four decades. J. B. played off scratch at the tender age of fifteen he was honoured by the R & A when he became Captain in 1991-19 he has had sixteen holes-in-one in his time, and I can assure you he was one of life’s gentlemen.

His son Roddy played Walker Cup in 1971 at St Andrews, where he won 3 of his matches and halved the other.

J. B. Carr participated in the Home Internationals from 1949 to 1969, playing 138 matches.

J. J. Carr participated in the Home International matches from 1981 to 1983.

R. J. Carr participated in the Home Internationals from 1970 to 1971

M. Hanway participated in the Home Internationals from 1971 to 1974.

Dougie Heather played in the Home Internationals in 1976

David Stenson and Mark Coates participated in the Boys' Home International matches in1988.

Carol Smyth played for the Irish Girls' in 1968, and Joyce Mahon played for the Irish Girls' in 1969 and 1970.

Person Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
B. Barrett        
John Mc Lennon 20 September 1997 15th   105 yd's
Paul Walsh 27 September 1997 5th   154 yd's
Hugh O'Neill 1 October 1997 5th   154 yd's
Austin O'Hare 12 October 1997 15th   105 yd's
Gerry Linnane 31 December 1997 6th   105 yd's
John Flanagan 17 January 1998 7th   160 yd's
Frank Kennedy 28 March 1998 6th   105 yd's
T. Shanahan 20 March 1999 15th   105 yd's
Gillian O'Brien 15 May 1999 6th   102 yd's
E. Lennon 5 September 1999 5th   142 yd's
Anne Horgan 1 May 2002 6th   102 yd's
Pauline Flanagan 1 May 2002 6th   102 yd's

Card of the Course
Card of the Course (metres)
Hole No Blue Par Index Red Par Index
1 310 4 13 285 4 13
2 346 4 15 312 4 9
3 514 5 11 490 5 3
4 320 4 5 272 4 11
5 171 3 7 143 3 15
6 107 3 17 102 3 17
7 351 4 9 334 4 7
8 387 4 3 365 4 1
9 383 4 1 348 4 5
Out 2,889 35   2,651 35  
10 310 4 14 285 4 14
11 346 4 16 312 4 10
12 514 5 12 490 5 4
13 320 4 2 272 4 12
14 171 3 8 143 3 16
15 107 3 18 102 3 18
16 351 4 10 334 4 6
17 387 4 4 365 4 2
18 383 4 6 348 4 8
In 2,889 35   2,651 35  
Total 5,778 70   5,302 70  
SSS 70     68    

Roll of Honour
Mrs. T. Murray 1990 Ladies Captain
Joan Wickham 1991 Ladies Captain
Margot Rhatigan 1992 Ladies Captain
Anne White 1993 Ladies Captain
Phil Walsh 1994 Ladies Captain
Marie Byrne 1995 Ladies Captain
Bega O'Brien 1996 Ladies Captain
Heather Quinn 1997 Ladies Captain
Eileen Lappin 1998 Ladies Captain
Pauline Flanagan 1999 Ladies Captain
Katrina Berry 2000 Ladies Captain
Ida Brophy 2001 Ladies Captain
Nora Bowen 2002 Ladies Captain
Rosaleen Byrnes 2003 Ladies Captain
Rosaleen Byrnes 2004 Ladies Captain
Anne Hogan 2005 Ladies Captain
Patricia Kearney 2006 Ladies Captain
Nodlaig Nolan 2007 Ladies Captain
Aideen Maguire 1990 Ladies President
Mary Quinn 1991 Ladies President
Mary Quinn 1992 Ladies President
Kay Mathews 1993 Ladies President
Kay Mathews 1994 Ladies President
Brigid Brown 1995 Ladies President
Brigid Brown 1996 Ladies President
Rose O'Donovan 1997 Ladies President
Rose O'Donovan 1998 Ladies President
Renee O'Brien 1999 Ladies President
Renee O'Brien 2000 Ladies President
Vera Dineen 2001 Ladies President
Vera Dineen 2002 Ladies President
Ann Simington 2003 Ladies President
J. B. Carr 1990 Men's Captain
W. C. Thompson 1991 Men's Captain
Derek P. Hunter 1992 Men's Captain
Robert J. Lyons 1993 Men's Captain
Seamus Campbell 1994 Men's Captain
John Cassidy Jnr. 1995 Men's Captain
Tom Shanahan 1996 Men's Captain
Dick Fogarty 1997 Men's Captain
Owen Lennon 1998 Men's Captain
Brian Wallace 1999 Men's Captain
Seamus Carroll 2000 Men's Captain
Michael Coyne 2001 Men's Captain
Alan Levey 2002 Men's Captain
Colm Moriarty 2003 Men's Captain
Cathal Saunders 2004 Men's Captain
John F. McLennan 2005 Men's Captain
Vincent Moran 2006 Men's Captain
Aubrey Woolfson 2007 Men's Captain
Hugh Quirk 1990 President
Dermot Menton 1991 President
Dermot Menton 1992 President
J. P. Carroll 1993 President
J. P. Carroll 1994 President
Declan P. Daly 1995 President
Declan P. Daly 1996 President
Gene Smyth 1997 President
Gene Smyth 1998 President
Austin O'Hare 1999 President
Austin O'Hare 2000 President
Pat Brown 2001 President
Pat Bowen 2002 President
Paddy Holden 2003 President
Paddy Holden 2004 President
Paddy Holden 2005 President
Eamonn O'Hanrahan 2006 President
Eamonn O'Hanrahan 2007 President
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