Naas Golf Club

Address Kerdiffstown
Co. Kildare
Telephone: 045-874644
Public No: 045-897509
Fax: 045-896104
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founded: 1896
Membership: 922
Green Fees Midweek: €40
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €45
Green Fees With a Member: €20
Green Fees For Opens: €20
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: No
Buggy Hire: No
Soft spikes: Yes
Secretary/Manager: Denis Mahon
Captain: Jim Fennell
Lady Captain: Phil Rohan
President: Denis Mullins & Moira Maguire
Vice-Captain: John Kerin & Ann Swan
Hon. Secretary: Michael Moran, John O'Brien & Yvonne Frayne
Club Pro: Gavin Lunney
Hon. Treasurer: Richard Hayden, Frank Walsh & Noeleen O'Rourke 
Designed by: Arthur Spring, Paddy Merrigan & Jeff Howes
Course opening hours: Daylight hours
Clubhouse opening hours: 8.00am to 11.00pm
Mobile phones: Not on course or in clubhouse
Dress Code: Neat casual, no denim
Catering: Full catering facilities
Days to Avoid: Sunday Tuesday & Wednesday
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days
Pre-booking for open tournaments: 14 Days in advance

Course Description
Course Description:

Naas Golf Club was founded in 1896 and extended to 18-holes in the early 90's and the magnificent new clubhouse was opened in 1999. The old 9-holes needless to say has lush and tree lined fairways, the members have undertaken to make Naas Golf Course one of the finest in the country and are presently upgrading the course for the third time in modern times.

The course has an abundance of fine and memorable golf holes, as soon as you tee off you know you are on a golf course that will test you, with out-of-bounds down your right-hand-side and at 436 yards requires a well placed tee shot and careful club selection for your second. A warm welcome awaits the visitor in the clubhouse and full catering facilities are available to members and visitors alike.

Open & Major Fixtures 2011
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Club History
Club History

Instituted 1896, affiliated 1907. There is some confusion as to the foundation date of Naas Golf Club. However, a letter in the "Irish Field" on 3rd October, 1908, by Mr. E. I. Gray, records "Your correspondent states that Messrs Gray and McCann were chiefly responsible for the forming of the club in 1896. Neither McCann nor myself had anything to do with it. It was first put on foot by a great enthusiast, Mr. Mansfield, D. L., our President, who was ably assisted by Mr. J. S. Shannon now manager of the Hibernian Bank at Loughrea.

They got together a very small club at Halverston, that existed only on sufferance and despite the fact that the rent was only something like £6 a year, it was with great difficulty raised."It was known as the Co. Kildare Golf Club until 1966, when it changed its name to Naas.The club moved from Halverston to Decoy in 1903; George Coburn, the professional at Portmarnock, laid out the new nine-hole course. Then, in 1912, it moved again to the Knocks and W. C. Pickman of Portmarnock laid out this new nine-hole course. Then, in 1922, yet another move took place, this time to Monread, before locating at its present home at Kerdiffstown, which was officially opened on the 8th June 1941.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Arthur Spring redesigned the course, which included an additional nine-holes. In 1999, Naas opened its fine new clubhouse.


Members Achievements

Moira Morris was selected on the Leinster Ladies team for the AIB Interprovincial’s at the Island Golf Club from the 8th to the 10th August 2001.

Michael McGinley was elected to the council of the Leinster Branch of the GUI for 2001.

Naas Golf Club won the Leinster Final of the Barton Shield in 1985, when the team was, S. Rohan, A. Pierce, T. Boylan, M. McGinley and G. O'Connor.

Naas Golf Club won the Barton Cup in 1959, when the team was, J. Kerin, A. Kelly, J. A. O'Brien, J. H. McDermott, J. Grehan, L. J. Malone, N. Sheridan, D. McDermott, J. Murray, Rev. R. Kelly and B. Gannon.

They won it prior to that in 1934, when the team was, P. Gorey, M. Gorey, Jas Lawlor, E. Kennedy, L. J. Malone, D. J. Lambe, M. Clarson, D. McGuirk, S. Cullen, and J. Rourke.

They first won it first in 1933, when the team was, M. Gorey, M. Clarson, J. Langan, B. Nix, J. Rourke, S. Cullen, P. Gorey, D. McGuirk, M. Quinn and P. Smith.

They won the Duggan Cup in 1981, when the team was, Remy Fullam, Brian Colivet, Mick Moynihan, Des Potter, Noel Sheridan, Joe Bermingham, John Casey, Dessie McDermott, Asutin Murphy and Jim Grehan, they were captained by Joe Lyons.

They won the Metropolitan Cup in 1993, when the team was, M. Moran, B. Kennedy, B. Griffin, E. Prendergast, J. Creaney, C. Callanan, D. Leavy, D. Cully, J. Keane, V. Murray, L. O'Brien, they were captained by K. Whelan. 

They won the County Championship of the J. B. Carr Diamond Trophy in 1999, 2000 and 2004.  

They won the Kildare Mixed Shield in 1990, when the team was, John O'Dwyer, Larry O'Brien, Gertrude Conway and Nigel Swan.

The Ladies of Naas Golf Club won the Finn Trophy in 1998, when the team was, Maura Moran, Katie Holmes, Catherine Bardon, Marie Flynn, Margaret Kelleher, Sian O'Neill, Mary Flahavan, Pam O'Neill, they were captained by Alice Gibson.

They won it in 1987, when the team was, A. Downes, H. Magee, N. Kennedy, M. Maguire, J. Lyons, C. Harrington, A. Leavy, A. Begley, A. Carbery, M. O'Connor and J. O'Houlihan.

They won it prior to that in 1980, \when the team was, A. Begley, H. O'Connor, J. Lyons, J. O'Houlihan, M. O'Connor, A. Downes, M. Maguire, A. Carbery, A. Gibson and M. Casey.

The Ladies won the Kildare Shield in 1998, when the team was, Paula Murray, Anne Stapleton, Teresa Conway, Marie Morbin, Mona Clarke, Patricia Doyle, Norah Kennedy, Ann Swan, June Greely, Ray Colivat, Mary Ryan and Geraldine Kehoe.

They won it prior to that in 1996, when the team was, Monica O'Connor, Paula Murphy, Helen Magee, Eileen Mullen, Margaret Kelleher, Cait Harrington, Patricia Doyle, Marie Flynn and Mary Ryan.

They first won it in 1977, when the team was, G. Gough, B. McGlinchey, A. Carbery, H. O'Connor, R. Colivet, C. Lawlow, J. Mullane and M. Kavanagh.  

The Juniors' of Naas Golf Club won the Leinster Championship and were All-Ireland Finalists in the Junior Foursomes in 1992, when the team was, Gavin Lunny, G. Gibson, D. Keane and D. Cully, they were managed by Pat Coughlin.

The Boys' won the Midland Junior Trophy at Kilkenny Golf Club in 2000, when the team was, Ciaran O'Leary, Killian Jones, Paul O'Callaghan, David Prendergast, Niall Sherlock, Michael Kelly, B. J. Rafferty, James Fennell, Art McCoy and Tom Frayne.  

Soccer star Kevin Harrington won the Druid's Glen-Irish Independent "Golfer of the Month" for May 2000. He shot 50 pts. On, May Day followed by a 64 net on 20th of May. His prize was a beautiful limited-edition painting by Robert Ballagh, I, for one, would like to see more of this type of prize appearing on our prize tables.

Moira Morris was the reserve on the Irish team in the European Ladies Junior Championships at Oslo Golf Club in 1998. She was selected on the Irish Panel for 1999.

Person Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
Anthony Jones        
Margaret Moroney        
Monica O'Connor        
Liam Casey        
Peter Garry 15 April 2000 17th   174 yd's
Willie Headen 21 May 2000 8th   139 yd's
Ted Coonan 29 July 2000 17th   174 yd's
Peter Doherty 7 August 2000 17th   174 yd's
M. Kelleher 24 September 2001 3rd    
J. O'Brien 14 October 2001 8th   139 yd's
Patrick Larlin        

Card of the Course
Hole No White Blue Index Yellow Par Index Red Par Index
1 425 417 4 382 4 4 398 5 9
2 361 361 16 337 4 16 301 4 11
3 160 160 12 133 3 12 120 3 15
4 404 404 2 381 4 2 373 4 1
5 381 381 6 373 4 6 349 4 3
6 383 383 8 373 4 8 364 4 7
7 493 483 14 463 5 14 407 5 13
8 132 132 18 121 3 18 112 3 17
9 315 315 10 308 4 10 293 4 5
Out 3,054 3,036   2,871 35   2,717 36  
10 178 178 9 165 3 9 141 3 16
11 394 394 3 374 4 3 352 4 6
12 382 359 11 332 4 11 303 4 10
13 518 502 7 487 5 13 474 5 4
14 175 175 13 145 3 15 127 3 18
15 500 478 17 446 4 1 418 5 8
16 401 401 1 371 4 7 367 4 2
17 178 178 5 163 3 5 127 3 12
18 498 472 15 445 5 17 397 5 14
In 3,224 3,137   2,871 35   2,717 36  
Total 6,278 6,173   5,799 71   5,423 72  
SSS 71 70   69     71    

Roll of Honour
Kay Moynihan 1989 Ladies Captain
Rosario Fitzsimons 1990 Ladies Captain
Joan Lyons 1991 Ladies Captain
Brenda Chapman 1992 Ladies Captain
Ronnie D'Arcy 1993 Ladies Captain
Joan Osborne 1994 Ladies Captain
Helen Magee 1995 Ladies Captain
Ursula Owens 1996 Ladies Captain
Geraldine Kehoe 1997 Ladies Captain
Pam O'Neill 1998 Ladies Captain
Mrs. R. Colivet 1999 Ladies Captain
Teresa Conway 2000 Ladies Captain
Cecily Murphy 2001 Ladies Captain
Mrs. Patricia Doyle 2002 Ladies Captain
Ann Jones 2003 Ladies Captain
Gert Conway 2004 Ladies Captain
Mary Pierce 2005 Ladies Captain
Mary Ryan 2006 Ladies Captain
Margaret Kelleher 2007 Ladies Captain
Denis Mullins 2007 Ladies Captain
Joan Gorry 1990 Ladies President
Breda McDermott 1991 Ladies President
Breda McDermott 1992 Ladies President
Breda McDermott 1993 Ladies President
Ceppy Lawlor 1994 Ladies President
Ceppy Lawlor 1995 Ladies President
Ceppy Lawlor 1996 Ladies President
Freddie Rafferty 1997 Ladies President
Mrs. F. Rafferty 1999 Ladies President
Margot D'Arcy 2000 Ladies President
Margot D'Arcy 2001 Ladies President
Margot D'Arcy 2002 Ladies President
M. Clarke 2003 Ladies President
M. Clarke 2004 Ladies President
Monica O'Connor 2005 Ladies President
 Monica O'Connor 2006 Ladies President
Moira Maguire 2007 Ladies President
Liam Casey 1989 Men's Captain
David Carbery 1990 Men's Captain
Tom D' Arcy 1991 Men's Captain
Noel Ryan 1992 Men's Captain
John O'Reilly 1993 Men's Captain
Chris Sheehan 1994 Men's Captain
Seamus Rohan 1995 Men's Captain
Turlough Boylan 1996 Men's Captain
Eddie Prendergast 1997 Men's Captain
Seamus Moody 1998 Men's Captain
Nigel Swan 1999 Men's Captain
Larry Clarke 2000 Men's Captain
Dermot Delaney 2001 Men's Captain
Ben Scully 2002 Men's Captain
Dermot Delaney 2003 Men's Captain
Noel Farrelly 2004 Men's Captain
Gerry Prendergast 2005 Men's Captain
Frank Walsh 2006 Men's Captain
John Cradock 2007 Men's Captain
Liam O'Flynn 1989 President
Liam O'Flynn 1990 President
Liam O'Flynn 1991 President
Liam O'Flynn 1992 President
Liam O'Flynn 1993 President
Liam O'Flynn 1994 President
Liam O'Flynn 1995 President
Liam O'Flynn 1996 President
Liam O'Flynn 1997 President
Liam O'Flynn 1998 President
Liam O'Flynn 1999 President
Liam O'Flynn 2000 President
L. O'Flynn 2001 President
Liam O'Flynn 2002 President
Noel Sheridan 2003 President
Noel Sheridan 2004 President
Ken Dermody 2005 President
Ken Dermody 2006 President
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