Mount Juliet Golf Club

Course Facts:
Address Thomastown Secretary/Manager: William Kirby
Co. Kilkenny Captain: Dermot Divilly
  Lady Captain: Dorothy Kilroy
Reservations: 056-77-73064 President: Rita Garvey & Des Fitzgerald
Public No: 056-77-73064 Vice-Captain: Rebecca Nixon & Finbar O'Neill
Fax: 056-77-73078    
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Club Pro: Sean Cotter 056-7773071
Founded: 1991 Designed by: Jack Nicklaus
Open for membership. Societies are welcome and group rates are available.
Membership: 503 Course opening hours: Daylight hours
Green Fees Midweek: €80 Clubhouse opening hours: 8.00am to 11.30pm
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €120 Mobile phones: Not on course or in clubhouse
Green Fees With a Member: 50% Dress Code: Neat casual, no denim
Green Fees For Opens:   Catering: Full catering facilities
Practice Area: Yes Days to Avoid:  
Club Hire: Yes Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days
Buggy Hire: Yes Pre-booking for open tournaments: 14 Days in advance
Soft spikes: Yes    


Course Description
Course Description:

Designed by Jack Nicklaus and opened in July 1991, with an exhibition match between Jack and our own Christy "Himself". This 18-hole course has already been voted the best inland and maintained golf course in Ireland. Set close to the River Nore, water comes into play on six holes; the beauty of woodlands and trees is ever present, while some eighty ever-vigilant bunkers, strategically placed throughout the course, place a premium on accuracy from tee to green.Mount Juliet boasts the first 18-hole putting course of it’s kind in Europe.

It is a par 53, course and a must to visit when playing this fine course.Mount Juliet is more than a golf course, as it has the clay Target & Archery Academy on site. The River Nore and The Kings River are famous for salmon and trout fishing. The Iris Kellett Equestrian Centre for trekking, show jumping and cross-country jumping and an outdoor tennis court can all be found on site.   Mount Juliet House is synonymous with quality and style for over 250 years, with sweeping views of the 1,500 acre estate.

The American Express selected Jack Nicklaus’s signature course for the 2002 & 2004 Championships, which brought the top golfers in the world to Thomastown. Voted the No. 11-ranked golf course in Ireland, by “Golf Digest Ireland” in 2008. Mount Juliet was voted No. 1 Parkland/Inland Course in Ireland by "Backspin" Irelands leading Golf magazine in 2008, the panel comprised of a selection of 52 Professional and amateur golfers throughout Ireland.

Open & Major Fixtures 2011
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Club History
Club History

Founded 1991. This part of Ireland has very strong Norman associations, particularly with the great Butler family, who have played a large part in the history of Mount Juliet. The estate as we know it today was originally two separate estates, Walton Grove and Ballylinch, each with their own separate history. Walton Grove was the home of the Walton's who were an ancient Norman family who owned Oldtown, the town land of Mount Juliet. They changed the name Oldtown to Walton's Grove. They were here for centuries, until William Walton was, dispossessed by Cromwell in 1653. Walton's Grove was owned by an unknown Cromwellian for a short period, but after the Restoration it became the property of James, Duke of York, later James II. James sold it to a Mr. Sweet, who in turn sold it to Mr. Kendall in 1719. He changed the name to Kendall's Grove.On stormy winter's nights "Old Mr. Kendall" as he was known was robbed by highwaymen and an important portfolio was taken. He begged the Rev. Thomas Bushe to retrieve it for him. Rev. Bushe duly caught the robbers and returned the portfolio. Old Mr. Kendall was overcome with gratitude that he left all his property, including Kendall's Grove to the Rev. Bushe. Unfortunately, the Reverent was wildly extravagant and had to sell all his property to settle his debts. He sold Kendall's Grove to his neighbour, the Earl of Carrick, in 1757, who built Mount Juliet, on the lands.

Ballylinch being the other part of the estate is now a thriving stud farm and an integral part of the day-to-day life on the estate. Originally called Bally Inch which is a translation of the Gaelic "Baile Inse", meaning the peninsulated townland.

The town lands and castles of Legan and Ballylinch belonged to Jerpoint Abbey until the Suppression of the Monasteries by Henry VIII in 1541. They were then granted to Thomas, Earl of Ormond (The Black Earl). He in turn granted them to Oliver Grace, a descendant of the Norman adventure Raymond Fitzwilliam le Gros.

Oliver's son Gerald built Ballylinch Castle and moved here from Legan Castle in 1563. However, the Graces were dispossessed by Cromwell who granted Ballylinch to one of his followers, Colonel Daniel Redman in 1654. His daughter Eleanor married James Butler, 3rd Viscount Ikerrin and the Butler's of Ikerrin moved their residence to Ballylinch from Lismalin in Co. Tipperary.

After the Rev. Bushe sold Walton's Grove in 1757, the two estates were amalgamated and the Earl of Carrick built his mansion on the opposite bank of the River Nore and called it Mount Juliet as a compliment to his wife, Lady Juliana, always known as Juliet. The family remained in Mount Juliet until 1914 when the McCalmont's bought the lands.

The last member of the McCalmont family to resided, at Mount Juliet prior to its transformation into the magnificent Jack Nicklaus designed championship golf course, was, Major Vivian McCalmont, known locally as "The Major". However Thomastown had another "Major" as the story goes back in the 40th and 50th only two people in Thomastown ordered The Irish Times one was for the Manor House and the other was for an man I had the pleasure to meet several times. His name was Joe Wemyss, a very clever and amusing man, even to this day when one mentions "The Major" they will tell you yarns about Joe. The story goes that Joe was known to catch the "odd" salmon from Major McCalmont's section of the River Nore without possessing a "rod licence" a matter, which often had the Major McCalmont bring his activities to the attention of the local Garda. Every so often the local paperboy out of sheer devilment would deliver "The Majors" Irish Times to Mount Julies and it would not be long before stories would filter down to the local pubs about the reactions to the misplaced Irish Times.

Members Achievements

Mount Juliet were runners-up in the Leinster Final of the Irish Mixed Foursomes in 1996, when the team was Padraic Slattery, John Comerford, John Curran, Padraic O'Rourke, Des Fitzgerald, Oisin Fanning, Jeff Howes, May Quinn, Ita Slattery, Isobel Freaney, Brenda Fitzgerald, Jon Hegarty, Eileen McLoughlin, Kate McCann and Adrienne Walsh.Lady Captain, J Duggan (14), Captain Des Fitzgerald (11) and Honorary Secretary Pat Hegarty (22), had five points to spair in the Regional Qualifier of the Mercedes-Benz-Irish Independent Executive Golf Trophy at their home course in July 2002. They went on to play the National Finals at The K Club on August 12th.

Lady Captain, Jon Hegarty, Captain Kevin McLoughlin and Pat Hegarty came 7th in the National Final of the Mercedes Benz-Irish Independent Executive Trophy at the K Club on the 13th of August 2001. They returned 72pts. which was only three shots off the winners.

Major Prize Winners
Name Year Prize
Maurice Fenton 2002 Captain's Prize
Marcella Kelly 2002 Lady Captain's Prize
Unknown 2002 President's Prize
Ruth Mulholland 2002 Lady President's Prize
Gavin Pierce 2003 Captain's Prize
Ruth Mulholland 2003 Lady Captain's Prize
Tom Duggan 2003 President's Prize
Caroline Hellewell 2003 Lady President's Prize
Henry Cahill 2004 Captain's Prize
Ruth Mulholland 2004 Lady Captain's Prize
not played 2004 President's Prize
Eileen Duggan 2004 Lady President's Prize
Peter Quigley 2005 Captain's Prize
Eileen Duggan 2005 Lady Captain's Prize
Finbar O' Neill 2005 President's Prize
Brendan Fitzgerlad 2005 Lady President's Prize
Tom Ledwidge 2006 Captain's Prize
Malu Treacy 2006 Lady Captain's Prize
John Thompson 2006 President's Prize
Ruth Mulholland 2006 Lady President's Prize
John Thompson 2007 Captain's Prize
Malu Treacy 2007 Lady Captain's Prize
John Thompson 2007 President's Prize
Rebecca Nixon 2007 Lady President's Prize

Card of the Course
Card of the Course (yards)
Hole No Blue White Green Yellow Par Index Red Par Index
1 364 345 325 325 4 16 296 4 14
2 429 419 395 361 4 4 318 4 2
3 182 174 166 156 3 14 122 3 18
4 404 387 348 348 4 2 292 4 10
5 558 540 520 495 5 18 448 5 12
6 229 202 191 191 3 6 164 3 16
7 438 419 388 355 4 12 323 4 8
8 603 575 549 524 5 10 462 5 6
9 426 387 375 375 4 8 331 4 4
Out 3,633 3,448 3,257 3,130 36   2,756 36  
10 569 553 529 515 5 7 461 5 3
11 169 152 141 127 3 17 103 3 17
12 429 411 393 370 4 9 326 4 7
13 433 411 385 385 4 1 342 4 1
14 195 176 155 155 3 11 142 3 11
15 370 352 341 329 4 15 292 4 13
16 452 433 412 384 4 5 335 4 9
17 534 516 494 476 5 13 423 5 5
18 480 474 447 415 4 3 374 5 15
In 3,631 3,478 3,297 3,156 36   2,798 37  
Total 7,264 6,926 6,554 6,286 72   5,554 73  
SSS 75 73 72 70     73    

Roll of Honour
Ita Slattery 1992 Lady Captain
Ita Slattery 1993 Lady Captain
Mae Quinn 1994 Lady Captain
Jenny Howes 1995 Lady Captain
Isobel Freaney 1996 Lady Captain
Berna O'Mahony 1997 Lady Captain
Brenda Fitzgerald 1998 Lady Captain
Hazel Grimes 1999 Lady Captain
Mrs. Jo Duggan 2000 Lady Captain
Mrs. Jon Hegarty 2001 Lady Captain
Joe Duggan 2002 Lady Captain
Susan Mahony 2003 Lady Captain
Adrienne Walsh 2004 Lady Captain
Myra Phelan 2005 Lady Captain
Helen Comerford 2006 Lady Captain
Brona Reidy 2007 Lady Captain
Rita Garvey 2008 Lady Captain
Mary Jones 1991 Lady President
Mary Jones 1991 Lady President
Mary Jones 1993 Lady President
Mary Jones 1994 Lady President
Mary Jones 1995 Lady President
Mary Jones 1996 Lady President
Mary Jones 1997 Lady President
Mary Jones 1998 Lady President
Mary Jones 1999 Lady President
Mrs. Mary Jones 2000 Lady President
Mrs. Mary Jones 2001 Lady President
Mary Jones 2002 Lady President
Mary Jones 2003 Lady President
Mary Jones 2004 Lady President
Mary Jones 2005 Lady President
Mary Jones 2006 Lady President
Mary Jones 2007 Lady President
  2008 Lady President
Eoin Gahan 1992 Men's Captain
Tom Duggan 1993 Men's Captain
Des Fitzgerald 1994 Men's Captain
Phonsie O'Brien 1995 Men's Captain
Gerry O'Mahony 1996 Men's Captain
Padraig Slattery 1997 Men's Captain
Eric Wardrop 1998 Men's Captain
Anthony Gore Grimes 1999 Men's Captain
Mr Gerard Magee 2000 Men's Captain
Kevin McLoughlin 2001 Men's Captain
Des Fitzgerald 2002 Men's Captain
Pat Heffernan 2003 Men's Captain
Norman Kilroy 2004 Men's Captain
Tadhg Gleeson 2005 Men's Captain
Padraic O'Connor 2006 Men's Captain
Terry Sullivan 2007 Men's Captain
Peter Quigley 2008 Men's Captain
  2008 Men's President
Major V. McCalmont 1991 President
J. B. Carr 1992 President
Major V. McCalmont 1992 President
J. B. Carr 1993 President
J. B. Carr 1994 President
J. B. Carr 1995 President
J. B. Carr 1996 President
J. B. Carr 1997 President
J. B. Carr 1998 President
J. B. Carr 1999 President
J. B. Carr 2000 President
J. B. Carr 2001 President
J. B. Carr 2002 President
J. B. Carr 2003 President
J. B. Carr 2004 President
Des Fitzgerald 2005 President
Des Fitzgerald 2006 President
Des Fitzgerald  2007 President
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