County Meath Golf Club

Address Newtownmoynagh
Co. Meath
Telephone: 046-9431463
Public No: 046-9431463
Fax: 046-9437554
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founded: 1898
Membership: 719
Green Fees Midweek: €30
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €35
Green Fees With a Member: €13
Green Fees For Opens: €10/15
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: No
Buggy Hire: Yes
Soft spikes: Yes
Secretary/Manager: Janice Higgins
Captain: Martin Dempsey
Lady Captain: Anna Gaffney
President: Michael Dempsey
Vice-Captain: Matt Melvin & Nuala Eyres
Hon. Secretary: Jonathan Cooney & Patricia McDonald
Club Pro: Robin Machin 046-9431463
Hon. Treasurer: Bill Goulding & Patricia Westphal
Designed by: Eddie Hackett & Tom Craddock
Course opening hours: Daylight hours
Clubhouse opening hours: 10.30am to 11.30pm
Mobile phones: Not on course or in clubhouse
Dress Code: Neat casual, no denim
Catering: Full catering facilities
Days to Avoid: Thursdays
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days
Pre-booking for open tournaments: 14 Days in advance

Course Description
Course Description:

Founded in 1898 the Co. Meath Golf Club had a chequered history until 1968 when the club opened for the 3rd time with Charles Tyrrell as Captain who was Captain when the club closed in 1950. Co. Meath has not looked back since. From what was a fine 9-hole course the club acquired an additional 70 acres in 1987. The services of Eddie Hackett and Tom Craddock, the two leading course architects at the time were retained. Between them they cleverly combined the old with the new to such a expert degree that it was hard to distinguish the new holes from the old in a very short period. The course was officially opened in 1991.

Shortly after the Club undertook the building of a new clubhouse and to there credit this is one of the most striking clubhouses anywhere in Ireland. The visitor is assured of a very warm welcome at Co. Meath Golf Club and if he/she manages to make par on the 17th you can listen to the story in the magnificent clubhouse.Situated outside the town of Trim, home of Trim Castle, one of the largest Norman Castles in Ireland. Close to the Hill of Tara where the high kings of Ireland once lived and near Newgrange, all worth a visit before or after your round of golf.

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Club History
Club History

Instituted 1898, affiliated 1970. The "Irish Golfer" on the 17th February 1904, records the beginning of golf in the Trim area. "The surrounding countryside, on the whole, from its rich pastoral quality is unsuitable for golf and it was not until Mr. Devereux Emmet, an enthusiastic American golfer came to reside temporarily in the locality that the present links was discovered. He saw within minutes' walk from the town, a track of light land of ample area for a nine-hole course. He at once laid it out and after arranging with the tenant invited his friends to share the privilege. Soon, the present club was established and it is now in a flourishing condition. It is of interest to note that the links are within what was formerly the glebe lands of Laracor, Dean Swift’s Parish, as are Stella’s Cottage and the remains of the Dean’s House."

The club moved to a new location in 1904 at Oakstown. The club had 61 members and Mr. Hanbury was Captain. A change of name is recorded in The "Irish Golfing Guide" in 1916. By 1925 the club ceased to function and attempts to revive it were made in 1934, with Mr. A. J. Malone as Captain. This club lasted until 1950 when C. T. Tyrrell was Captain. Then in 1968, Mr. Peter McConville initiated moves to revive the club yet again. A public meeting was held in September 1968, and a £13,000 farm of 54 acres was purchased, of which £6,000 was an interest-free loan from local people. The, nine-hole course was designed by Michael McGuirk, the professional at Co. Louth and C. T. Tyrrell was elected Captain, thereby preserving the link with the old club. He had the pleasure of opening the new course in July 1971. The club has gone from strength to strength since, it went eighteen-holes in the late 1980s, and a wonderful new clubhouse was opened in the early 1990s.


Members Achievements

Co. Meath Golf Club won the Provincial Towns Cup in 2003, when the team was, A. Brogan, M. Heffernan, T. O'Connor, J. Cooney, D. Dempsey, M. McDonnell, A. McArdle, J. Dunne, F. Holland, J. Kennedy, M. Murray, G. Byrne and R. Russell, they were managed by M. Murray and M. Dempsey.

They won the North Leinster Mixed in 2002, when the team was, Gerry O'Reilly, Kay Dixon, Austin Geoghegan, George Crolly, Brid Cantwell, Patrick Conway, Martin Pratt, Matt Melvin, Dody Lyons, Tony Herrity, Ursula Magee, Joan Darby, Nina O'Reilly, Peter Darby and J. J. Reilly.

Brendan Swan (12) won the World One Armed Golf Championship at Headfort Golf Club in June 2001. The final against, two-time winner Brian Crombie from Scotland was an epic, the match finished on the 4th extra hole.

Una Clay played in the National Final of Re-Max-Long Drive Competition at Druid's Glen on the 7th of October 2001.

Co. Meath Golf Club won the County Championship of the J. B. Carr Diamond Trophy in 1999.

They won the North Leinster Mixed Foursomes in 1995, when the team was, Michael McHugh, Eilis Nannery, Jim Nangle, Catherine Boyd, John Tobin, Majella Tobin, Maura Murray, Richard Mee, John Crolly, Nellie Hannon, Austin Geoghegan, Pauline McCourt, Noel O'Shea and Ronnie Russell, they were managed by Frank Taafe and Libby McGonagle.

They won the Provincial Towns Cup in 1981, when the team was, G. Crolly, O. Cooney, P. Walker, W. Elliott, C. Dignam, G. Nannery, J. Hegarty, M. Power, F. Dignam, A. Breslin and N. C. Hogan.

They won the Newsam Cup in 1978, when the team was, W. Elliott, J. Corrigan, W. Loughran, P. Dowd, D. Keegan, E. Lynam, D. Mangan, F. McKenna, P. O'Donovan, J. Nangle, R. Mee and M. Collins.

They won it the previous year with, E. Lynam, W. Elliott, W. Loughran, D. \Mangan, W. McDonnell, P. Canning, A. Breslin, J. Kelly, P. O'Donovan, J. Corrigan and M. Craig.

Co. Meath Golf Club won the Breffni Shield in 1998, 1988, 1986, 1978 and 1977.

Paul Rayfus participated in the Home International matches from1986 to 1988 and won the Willie Gill Perpetual Award in 1987 with 95 points. He represented Leinster from 1986 to 1991 playing 24 matches

Olive McHugh won the North Leinster Past and Present Lady Captain's Society in 1997.

Person Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
F. Holden 1 April 1999 12th   180 m
Christopher McNamara 28 August 1999 7th   144 m
Tom Kelly 29 August 1999 7th   144 m
P. Giles 8 July 2001 1st   169 m

Card of the Course
Card of the Course (metres)
Hole No White Yellow Green Par Index Red Par Index
1 177 169 163 3 10 129 3 17
2 475 469 461 5 4 367 5 5
3 435 425 416 5 18 362 4 1
4 325 317 311 4 12 285 4 7
5 374 365 356 4 2 265 4 13
6 348 340 332 4 6 266 4 11
7 155 146 140 3 16 126 3 15
8 334 326 318 4 8 262 4 9
9 451 442 433 5 14 377 5 3
Out 3,074 2,999 2,930 37   2,440 36  
10 282 275 270 4 11 263 4 10
11 324 314 305 4 7 282 4 4
12 170 160 150 3 15 116 3 18
13 336 331 321 4 5 286 4 8
14 309 299 290 4 13 264 4 14
15 310 301 293 4 17 243 4 16
16 388 378 374 4 3 352 4 2
17 402 393 387 4 1 359 5 12
18 493 487 480 5 9 400 5 6
In 3,014 2,938 2,870 36   2,565 37  
Total 6,088 5,937 5,800 73   5,005 73  
SSS 72 71 71     72    

Roll of Honour
Mrs. E. Souhan 1990 Ladies Captain
Mrs. O. Carey 1991 Ladies Captain
Mrs. D. Mullen 1992 Ladies Captain
Mrs. N. Hannon 1993 Ladies Captain
Mrs. H. Murtagh 1994 Ladies Captain
Mrs. O. McHugh 1995 Ladies Captain
Mrs. E. McGonagle 1996 Ladies Captain
Mrs. M. O'Rourke 1997 Ladies Captain
Mrs. M. Woolfson 1998 Ladies Captain
Mrs. Grace Collins 1999 Ladies Captain
Val Fitzgerald 2000 Ladies Captain
Mrs. A. McElhinney 2001 Ladies Captain
Mrs. P. Kenny 2002 Ladies Captain
Fionnuala O'Byrne 2003 Ladies Captain
Ann Holland 2004 Ladies Captain
Carmel Slattery 2005 Ladies Captain
Nina O'Reilly 2006 Ladies Captain
Patricia Dempsey 2007 Ladies Captain
Mrs. K. Walker 1994 Ladies President
Mrs. K. Walker 1995 Ladies President
Mrs. J. Darby 1996 Ladies President
Mrs. J. Darby 1997 Ladies President
Mrs. M. Dempset 1998 Ladies President
Mrs. M. Dempsey 1999 Ladies President
Mrs. Peggy Dowd 2000 Ladies President
P. Dowd 2001 Ladies President
Martin Craig 2002 Ladies President
Carmel McInerney 2003 Ladies President
Kathleen Dixon 2004 Ladies President
Kathleen Dixon 2005 Ladies President
Maura Murray 2006 Ladies President
J. A. McCann 1990 Men's Captain
D. P. Mooney 1991 Men's Captain
Mce Power 1992 Men's Captain
T. Carr 1993 Men's Captain
P. Mac Donald 1994 Men's Captain
A. McEntee 1995 Men's Captain
J. S. Kearney 1996 Men's Captain
A. Geoghegan 1997 Men's Captain
P. Rayfus 1998 Men's Captain
R. F. Wheeler 1999 Men's Captain
Dr. Larry McEntee 2000 Men's Captain
J. J. Ennis 2001 Men's Captain
Dennis O'Keeffe 2002 Men's Captain
Charlie Flattery 2003 Men's Captain
Michael McHugh 2004 Men's Captain
Tom Gaffney 2005 Men's Captain
Ed O'Doherty 2006 Men's Captain
Jack Kennedy 2007 Men's Captain
J. J. Kelly 1990 President
J. J. Kelly 1991 President
P. Mangan 1992 President
P. Mangan 1993 President
Ed. Campbell 1994 President
M. Campbell 1995 President
J. P. Nangle 1996 President
J. P. Nangle 1997 President
P. J. Darby 1998 President
P. J. Darby 1999 President
E. Lynam 2000 President
E. J. Lynam 2001 President
M. W. Craig 2002 President
Martin Craig 2003 President
John McInerney 2004 President
John McInerney 2005 President
Austin Geoghegan 2007 President

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