Wicklow Golf Club

Course Facts:
Address Dunbur Road Secretary/Manager: Roger Kennedy
Wicklow Captain: Jim Carthy
Co. Wicklow Lady Captain: Ann Reilly
Telephone: 0404-67379 President: Fedelma Sheehy & Sean O'Brien
Public No: 0404-69958 Vice-Captain: Breda Carroll & Eamon O'Malley
Fax: 0404-64756    
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Club Pro: Enda McLoughlin 0404-66122
Website: www.wicklowgolfclub.ie    
Founded: 1904 Designed by: Tom Craddock & Pat Ruddy
Open for membership. Societies are welcome and group rates are available. (20+)
Membership: 885 Course opening hours: Daylight hours
Green Fees Midweek: €30 Clubhouse opening hours: 9.00am to 11.30pm
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €35 Mobile phones: Not on course or in clubhouse
Green Fees With a Member: €15 Dress Code: Neat casual, no denim
Green Fees For Opens: €15 Catering: Full catering facilities
Practice Area: Yes Days to Avoid: Sundays & Wednesdays
Club Hire: Yes Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days
Buggy Hire: Yes Pre-booking for open tournaments: 14 Days in advance
Soft spikes: No    


Course Description
Course Description:

Wicklow Golf Club was extended to 18-holes in 1994, under the watchful eyes of Tom Craddock and Pat Ruddy. It is situated on the outskirts of Wicklow Town and overlooking Wicklow Bay. Full use is made of the natural contours and features of the terrain to provide a challenging and scenically spectacular test of golf. The course provides picturesque views of the Wicklow Mountains to the West and the Irish Sea along the full length of the course to the East. Visitors are assured of a warm welcome and a memorable game of golf at Wicklow Golf Club, which has opened its magnificent new clubhouse in September 2002.

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Club History
Club History
Instituted 1904 affiliated 1906The "Golfing Annual" 1905-6 gives an institution date of 1904 for Wicklow Golf Club. The Captain was Captain Harrington and the Hon. Secretary was Mr. T. A. Tombe, it was a nine-hole course, 2,400 yd's in length on a high-lying coast towards Wicklow Head, about a mile from Wicklow Station. Lionel Hewson gives the following account in The Irish Field on the 30th May, 1908; "Walking out on the first tee, one is faced by a magnificent view, stretching right away to the Hill of Howth.

The first thing that strikes one is the bravery of those who were responsible for making the course. The difficulties must have been well nigh inconceivable, and Mr. W. O’Shaughnessy told me this was the case, as dense furze covered the whole course. He remarked that Mr. H. Toppin, the former D. I. for Wicklow, and the present Secretary, Mr. T. A. Tombe were primarily responsible for the commencement of the club, but I fancy Mr. O’Shaughnessy had a finger in the pie also. Last year, a meeting was called and subscriptions taken. Lord Fitzwilliam and two other gentlemen took debenture shares to all account large enough to buy the land and building which is now the clubhouse.

As remarked before, the gorse-covered ground required Herculean labour to clear it and in 1907 it was always necessary to have a forecaddie to watch the balls. The fact that I enjoyed many rounds without losing a ball testifies to the clearance that has been effected, Mr. Toppin the D. I. with an unfailing supply of matches was largely responsible for a good deal of the clearance. The course of nine-holes was laid out by Tom Hood of Dublin, It had 120 members and Sunday play with caddy was allowed". Wicklow extended to eighteen-holes in the late 1980s.
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Members Achievements

Wicklow Golf Club won the Barton Cup in 1986, when the team was P. Roche, B. Finlay, J. Mitchell, S. Hopkins, B. Murphy, S. Dowling, B. Hickey, T. Vickers, E. Harrington, K. Clarke, W. Redmond and R. Vickers. They were captained by S. McGauley.They won the Barton Cup for the first time in 1963, when the team was L. Kavanagh, J. J. Murphy, William Hopkins, J. A. Toner, H. M. Howard, P. Lawless, L. Carroll, R. Fitzpatrick, J. Furlong and S. McGauley, they were captained by P. Kavanagh.

They were Provincial Towns Cup Winners in 1999, when the team was Brendan Jacob, Liam Doyle, Robin Craig, Peter Sinnott, Liam Devlin, Phillip Craig, Stephen Dowling, Joe Phillips, Rob Jacob, Jim Halpenny, Aidan Earls and Jamesie Doyle, they were managed by Keith Clarke and selected by Chris McEntaggart.

They won the Provincial Towns Cup for the first time in 1952, when the team was M. J. McEaschern, G. Kent, L. Carroll, J. Toner, T. A. Delahunt, F. Fennell, J. Gleeson, J. H. McCarroll and C. Walsh, they were captained by P. J. Lawless.

They won the Wicklow section of the J. B. Carr Diamond Trophy in 1996, when the team was John Solon, Dick Fitzpatrick, Bart O’Toole, Liam Kavanagh, Pat Teehan and Joe Furlong.

Wicklow Golf Club first won the Brennan Cup in 1951 when the team was Joe McCarroll, Louis Carroll, Jim Murphy, Charlie Byrne, Pat Lawless, Kevin Lawless, Kevin Branagan, Jim Trayer, Geoff Kent, Jack Toner and Kit Walsh.

They won it again in 1959 with Tom Delahunt, Fr. Neylon, Ger Vickers, Louis Carroll, Pat Lawless, Denis Mooney, Jack Toner, Joe McCarroll and Ned Kavanagh, they were captained by Dick Fitzpatrick.

They won it for the 3rd time in 1963 when the team was J. A. Toner, L. Kavanagh, W. Hopkins, J. T. Murphy, E. Branagan, T. A. Delahunt, J. Fitzpatrick, P. Keelaghan, R. Fitzpatrick, P. Lawless, E. M. Boner, J. Furlong and Joseph Fitzpatrick, they were captained by P. Kavanagh

They won the Brennan Cup in 1975 when the team was R. L. Fitzpatrick, M. Carey, J. Kelly, O. Sinnott, W. Cuffe, D. J. Mooney, P. Kavanagh, R. Vickers, B. Hickey and Liam Kavanagh (Labour T. D.)

Wicklow Golf Club won the Cullen Cup in 1994, when the team was, Des O’Shea, Brian Murphy, Paul Furlong, Stevie Dowling, Colin Shortall, Mary Copeland, Mairead Carroll, Margaret Hopkins, Una Doyle and Patricia Craig,

They won it again in 1995, when the team was Ken Vickers, Bobby Vickers, James Devlin, Keith Clarke, Pat Roach, Lesley Hopkins, Jackie Kavanagh, Pauline Murphy and Cathy Clarke.

They first won the Cullen Cup in 1975, when the team was Paddy Kavanagh, Audrey Hopkins, John Hopkins, Dick Fitzpatrick, Aidan Earls, Bobby Vickers, Pauline Murphy,

The Ladies of Wicklow Golf Club won the Midlands League in 2004, when the team was Mairead Dowling, Lesley Hopkins, Jackie Kavanagh, Ann Reilly, Rose-Mary Kavanagh, Tricia Shannon, Mary Copeland, Una Doyle, Joan Porter and they were captained by Elane Cunningham.

They won the Midland Plate in 2004, when the team was Miriam McGrath, Roisin Moloney, Breda Carroll, Ellen Conalty,-McLoughlin, Llona Madden, Siobhan McEntaggart and they were captained by Dolores Dooley and assisted by Ann Merrigan.

They won the Midland League in 1992 when the team was `Mairead Carroll, Audrey Hopkins, Pauline Murphy and Margaret Hopkins, they were captained by Margaret Kavanagh.

They won the Midland Plate in 1993, when the team was Rosemarie Kavanagh, Mary Flynn, Helen Gorman, Christine Ronning, Ciara McCabe, Mary Finlayson and Teresa Murphy.

They won the Midland League in 1998, when the team was, Margaret Hopkins, Margaret Kavanagh, Mary Copeland, Una Doyle, Theresa Porter, Mairead Dowling and Jackie Kavanagh, they were captained by Nuala Furlong.

They won the Midland Plate in 2000, when the team was Sofia McGorris, Ann-Marie McGorris, Anna O’Reilly, Carol O’Brien, Dolores Dooley, Bernie O’Donoghue and they were captained by Phyllis Kavanagh.

They won the Midland Trophy in 2000, when the team was Helen Keatings, Ann Merrigan, Phyllis Kavanagh, Patricia Shannon, Sheila Murphy and they were captained by Patricia Craig.

They won the Valerie Doyle Trophy in 1999 with Stella Doyle and Lesley Hopkins.

They won the Midland Trophy in 2002, when the team was Phyllis Kavanagh, Tricia Shannon, Ciara Doyle, Anna Merrigan, Carol O’Brien, Lynne Rea, Sheila Murphy, Mary Kavanagh and they were captained by Una Doyle.

They won the Midland League in 1996, when the team was, Mary Copeland, Jackie Kavanagh, Mairead Dowling, Lesley Hopkins, Margaret Kavanagh and they were captained by Una Doyle.

Wicklow Ladies won one of the premier National ILGU tournaments the Australian Spoons, the team consisted Mary Copeland and Patricia Craig. They won the regional finals at Carlow Golf Club and the Final at Ashbourne Golf Club. This was the first National title won by Wicklow Golf Club.

Mary Copeland went on to represent Ireland at the Peugeot Challenge Wold Tour in 1998, she finished seventh out of one hundred and nineteen competitors.

Major Prize Winners
Name Year Prize
David Fitzpatrick 2000 Captain's Prize
Anne Merrigan 2000 Lady Captain's Prize
Gary Campbell 2000 President's Prize
Bernie O'Donoghue 2000 Lady President's Prize
Brian Murphy 2000 Club Champion
Bernie O'Donoghue 2000 Ladies Golfer of the Year
Aubrey Armstrong 2001 Captain's Prize
Patricia Shannon 2001 Lady Captain's Prize
David Hallihan 2001 President's Prize
Julie Newman 2001 Lady President's Prize
Brian Murphy 2001 Club Champion
Ann-Marie MacGoris 2001 Ladies Golfer of the Year
Shane Dowling 2002 Captain's Prize
Ann Reilly 2002 Lady Captain's Prize
Mark Doyle 2002 President's Prize
Dorothy Russell 2002 Lady President's Prize
Kevin Monaghan 2002 Club Champion
Dorothy Russell 2002 Ladies Golfer of the Year
William Kavanagh 2003 Captain's Prize
Liz Cosgrove 2003 Lady Captain's Prize
Joseph Kelly 2003 President's Prize
Stella Doyle 2003 Lady President's Prize
Brian Murphy 2003 Club Champion
Joan Porter 2003 Ladies Golfer of the Year

Person Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
M. Cunningham 10 June 2002 9th   130 m
R. Kavanagh 3 August 2004 11th   136 yds

Card of the Course
Card of the Course (yards)
Name Hole No Blue White Green Par Index Red Par Index
Blackcastle 1 522 515 501 5 8 446 5 6
Marl Hole 2 397 388 374 4 2 314 4 4
Hens & Chickens 3 258 250 244 4 18 218 4 16
The Churn 4 296 291 286 4 10 289 4 2
Codling 5 301 296 292 4 16 271 4 18
Pebble Beach 6 406 355 344 4 4 303 4 10
The Vineyard 7 137 119 109 3 12 101 3 12
The Orchard 8 393 364 359 4 6 284 4 8
Lark's Nest 9 144 134 140 3 14 135 3 14
  Out 2,854 2,712 2,649 35   2,361 35  
Scratching Post 10 363 354 344 4 1 344 4 1
Monkey Pole 11 170 164 145 3 13 136 3 15
Lovers Leap 12 397 383 369 4 7 316 4 9
Wishing Well 13 348 341 334 4 5 313 4 3
Bride's Head 14 545 493 455 5 3 418 5 7
Lacey's Hill 15 305 300 295 4 15 252 4 11
Sugerloaf 16 456 430 412 5 17 396 5 5
The Glen 17 161 143 128 3 9 100 3 17
The Whistlers 18 348 337 309 4 11 290 4 13
  In 3,093 2,945 2,791 36   2,565 36  
  Total 5,941 5,657 5,440 71   4,926 71  
  SSS 70 69 68     69    

Roll of Honour
Marie Kavanagh 1990 Ladies Captain
Nuala Furlong 1991 Ladies Captain
Mary Copeland 1992 Ladies Captain
Sheila Murphy 1993 Ladies Captain
Helen Gorman 1994 Ladies Captain
Evelyn Phillips 1995 Ladies Captain
Patricia Craig 1996 Ladies Captain
Mairead Dowling 1997 Ladies Captain
Joyce Hourigan 1998 Ladies Captain
Phyllis Kavanagh 1999 Ladies Captain
Una Doyle 2000 Ladies Captain
Mary Flynn 2001 Ladies Captain
Maria Kerr 2002 Ladies Captain
Anne Merrigan 2003 Ladies Captain
Mary Kavanagh 2004 Ladies Captain
Sheila O'Malley 2005 Ladies Captain
Sheila O'Malley 2006 Ladies Captain
Pauline Murphy 2007 Ladies Captain
Sheila O'Malley 1990 Ladies President
Mary Kavanagh 1991 Ladies President
Mary Flynn 1992 Ladies President
Una Doyle 1993 Ladies President
Nora Fitzpatrick 1994 Ladies President
Pauline Murphy 1995 Ladies President
Audrey Hopkins 1996 Ladies President
Audrey Hopkins 1997 Ladies President
Helen Gorman 1998 Ladies President
Helen Gorman 1999 Ladies President
Anne Merrigan 2000 Ladies President
Anne Merrigan 2001 Ladies President
Kay Murphy 2002 Ladies President
Kay Murphy 2003 Ladies President
Anne Hollingsworth 2004 Ladies President
Anne Hollingsworth 2005 Ladies President
Anne Hollingsworth 2006 Ladies President
Ann Reilly 2007 Ladies President
Desmond O'Shea 1990 Men's Captain
Andrew Phillips 1991 Men's Captain
William Earls 1992 Men's Captain
Paul Quinn 1993 Men's Captain
Patrick Smullen 1994 Men's Captain
Thomas Shortall 1995 Men's Captain
Robert Vickers 1996 Men's Captain
Desmond Nichols 1997 Men's Captain
Michael Gleeson 1998 Men's Captain
Leonard Murphy 1999 Men's Captain
Liam Doyle 2000 Men's Captain
Nick Crennan 2001 Men's Captain
Tony Behan 2002 Men's Captain
Keith Clarke 2003 Men's Captain
Liam Devlin 2004 Men's Captain
Robert Jacob 2005 Men's Captain
Billy Alexander 2006 Men's Captain
Tony McKeever 2007 Men's Captain
Robert Vickers 1990 President
Des Nichols 1991 President
John Solon 1992 President
Tony Behan 1993 President
Michael Gleeson 1994 President
Noel Furlong 1995 President
Seamus Murphy 1996 President
Denis J. Mooney 1997 President
William Kavanagh 1998 President
Patrick Teahan 1999 President
Thomas Shortall 2000 President
Sean McGauley 2001 President
Joe Kavanagh 2002 President
Michael Looby 2003 President
Leonard Murphy 2004 President
Des O'Shea 2005 President
Des O'Shea 2006 President
Michael Thornton 2007 President
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